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 Montco Connect

Creating Shortcuts in Montco Connect

2020 Creating Shortcuts in Montco Connect Montco Connect supports the creation of Shortcuts which can simplify access to regularly referenced features. 1. To create a Shortcut for a tool that you frequently use, click the "View All"... Read More

Creating your Profile

2020 Montco Connect: Creating your Profile Montco Connect utilizes a user profile to further define yourself on the system. Adding information to your user profile is optional and is completely voluntary. By default, a user profile will only... Read More

Privacy Settings

2020 Montco Connect - Privacy Settings Montco Connect permits several means by which a user can control the access others have to their information on the system. The Account Privacy Settings can be found under the User Options / Account... Read More

Employee - Pages in Montco Connect

2020 Pages in Montco Connect - Employee Article The Montco Connect Pages feature can be found at the bottom of the left side navigation. Pages can be created to organize content of any type. All employees will have access to the Student Tool... Read More

Tools in Montco Connect

2020 Montco Connect Tools Montco Connect consolidates access to many other systems and processes such as Blackboard, email, registering for a course, completing online forms, etc. 1.Links to all these resources are organized under the... Read More

Using the Search Function within Montco Connect

2020 Using the Search Function within Montco Connect There are links to many resources within Montco Connect. If you should not be able to find one through the navigation, the Search bar at the top is a convenient way of finding a resource. ... Read More

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