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Secure File Transfer Outlook Rule


Secure File Transfer Outlook Rule


This article will explain how to setup a rule in Outlook to filter out emails from the Secure File Transfer system


1. In Outlook, select the Rules option near the middle of the Ribbon



2. Choose Manage Rules & Alerts
3. In the Rules and Alerts window, click New Rule... to create a new rule


4. In the Rules Wizard, Step 2, click people or public group



5. In the Rule Address window type into the From -> input box
6. Click OK
7. In the Rules Wizard, Step 2, click specified folder

8. In the Rules and Alerts window, click New... next to the Choose a folder: window

9. Enter a name for the folder and choose a location
10. Click OK
11. Click OK  
12. In the Rules Wizard window, click Finish  


To move any emails that already exist in your Inbox:


1. In the Email Rules window, choose Run Rules Now...

2. In the Run Rules Now window, Choose the rule by checking the box to the left of the rule name
3. Click the Run Now button
Note: If the Run In Folder: option is not the folder your emails are currently in, you can use the Browse... option to select the correct folder
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