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Students - Setting up email on your mobile device

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Students - Setting up email on your mobile device

 Student Email Transition FAQ




1. Download and install the Outlook app if you don’t already have it.  Then open the app.

2. Click the "Add Account" button near the bottom of your screen  

3. Type your student email in the "Enter your email" field and then click the Continue button near the bottom

Note:  Be careful to type exactly "" after your username.

4. You will then be prompted to log in with your student credentials. Click "Sign In" once you enter your information.  
5. You will be prompted to add another account. Hit "Maybe Later" in the bottom left.  

6. You may or may not be prompted to install either the "Intune Company Portal" or the "Microsoft Authenticator." You will need to install whichever app it prompts you to install, but you will not need to enroll in the specific service.


Note:  This means that you will not need to interact with the app beyond installing it.