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Faculty - Fixing a Mistake on Midterm Submission in Starfish


Faculty - Fixing a Mistake on Midterm Submission in Starfish


If you realize you made a mistake when filling out the midterm status for students in your class, you do have the ability to go into Starfish and fix your errors. This article will walk you through how to go into Starfish to fix any errors.


1. Log into Montco Connect (portal) and click My Success Network under Quick Links

2. Click the three lines in the upper left corner and click Students.













3. Click the Tracking tab in the upper left corner. 




4. Select the students in which you need to resolve any issues with your midterm submission.

Then click Comment to make students aware that you are making a change.

Note: It is important to send a comment to students prior to you making your change so they are aware that you are fixing an error. Students are notified via email of their midterm status.


5. When you are finished adding a comment, go back and check off the students in which you need to make changes to and click Resolve  

6. Then go back through the list of students and raise your Flags or Kudos






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