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Teams - Compose Box Symbols

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Teams - Compose Box Symbols

When you compose a message in Microsoft Teams, you can use these symbols to improve the quality of your message. Symbols can help you add an emoji or an image to a meeting message.

On the web version of Teams, when sending a chat message to another user, you will see the symbols below the composition box of the chat, like below.

Composition box on the web version of Teams

On the desktop app there are three symbols to the left of the send button. From left to right, they are:Format, Emoji, GIFs and Stickers, and the+ will expand to show the remaining symbols.

Composition box on the desktop version of Team

Below is a list and description of the symbols

The symbol

The compose tool

Meaning of the tool

Letter A with a pencil


The format tool allows you to expand the formatting tools to help apply custom text formats such as Bold or Italics.

Exclamation point

Set delivery options

If you have custom delivery requests, such as a message needed to be sent urgently to someone, you can use this option. Currently, there are three options. Those options are:

Standard: This is when you will send a message as usual.
Important: This is when a message is essential and needs to be attended to.
Urgent: This delivery option prioritizes the message and even sends the recipient a notification chime or banner every 2 minutes for 20 minutes. This option will not apply if the user is busy or cannot take messages due to absence.


Attach files

You can use this option if you need to attach a file or image to the message. Currently, the only two places for upload are from OneDrive and your local desktop.

Looping icon

Loop components

If you want to send a message using an inline format, you can use this option. Upon selection, you will have the opportunity to send the message as a numbered list or a bulleted list.

Smiley face emoji


This one is pretty simple; if you want to send a visual form of expression, you can select the emoji option. You can then choose your emoji of choice and then send it.

GIF surrounded by a rounded square


You can choose this option if you want to send an animated image to another user. Animated images are an excellent way to add some dynamic visual properties to a message you send.

Smiley face emote with the corner peeling


Similar to Gippss, you can also send stickers that can visualize forms of emotion. However, unlike the Gif options, the stickers are stagnant animations that dont move.

Calendar Icon with a plus

Schedule a meeting

This option will send you directly to the Schedule a meeting page, where you can schedule a meeting with the user in question or add other users if needed.

Play icon superimposed on send icon


If you have a link from Microsoft Stream, you can paste it here, and it will stream the content to the message inbox of the other user. This feature implements the use of a third-party tool to help apply the content.

Award ribbon


If someone in your group has done some excellent work or you are happy with a response from the other user, you can send them praise by selecting this option. Simply click on the opportunity, choose a badge, add a name, and click on Send.

Book with a page being flipped

Viva learning

If you have a link to a Viva learning course, you can send it by clicking on this option and then adding the link. Then click on Send to send the link.

Teams - Compose Box Symbols

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