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Naming Files


Naming Files

Below is an infographic on best practices to properly name files. 

 The title reads naming files. The subtitle is best practices to properly naming files  The first best practice is to make it searchable. Use keywords in your file name that make it easily searchable on your desktop.  The second best practice is to be descriptive. A stronger should be able to understand what the file is about.   The third best practice is to include common file name information. This may include the type of document, date, name of the owner or group, class name, project name, or version number.  The fourth best practice is versioning tops. If your file is significantly updated label it v3. If there are minor edits label the file v3.1, 3.2 and so forth.  The fifth and final best practice is an overall tip. Be consistent. Stick to one format or else it become mess with multiple formats.   An example file name may read Smith_J_SRT_105_ONLN_Unit 3_Audio Podcast_About_Me_V2

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