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Dentrix - Using Dentrix

Estimated Reading Time: 3 Minutes

Dentrix - Using Dentrix

This document goes through the steps for using Dentrix Enterprise.


1. Open Office Manager – double-click the brown chair icon

a. Log in with your username and password

b. Make sure the Clinic says MC3 and not Central

2. Click on the Appointments icon (the red appointment book)

3. Click once on the patient appointment

4. Click on the Patient Chart icon (the tooth)

5. Medical History review (may pop up) - If NOT click the glasses icon and then type in Patient’s last name

a. Click Change or Click No Change to Medical Alerts/Problems, Medications, and Allergies

b. Click Open next to Patient Health Assessment to add the patient’s vitals

i. Click Add

ii. Type in information for blood pressure, pulse, weight, and height

iii. Change the Provider to your information – click the double arrows to the right of Provider

1. Search for your ID

2. Select yourself from the list

3. Click OK

iv. Click OK

c. Click Close to close out of screen

d. Ask your patient their Pain level on a scale from 1-10 and add it to the Pain Level scale

NOTE: You can change the Pain Scale Type to Faces Pain Scale for younger patients

e. Under Medical Alert Review on the right, click Reviewed Medical Alerts

f. At the top right corner for Smoking Status, make sure this does not say “Empty” and make sure it applies to your patient. For example, if they’ve never smoked tobacco, make sure you choose that option.

g. Click OK

6. Medical Alerts screen opens up

a. Click New Medical Alert (brand new medical history; first time appointment – you will go through all of these steps)

b. Medical Alert/Problem

i. Click the double arrows to the right of “Select Alert.”

ii. Select the alert

iii. Select the severity

iv. In the notes, these are things that you will ask the patient and add the information here

c. Click Medication

i. Click the double arrows to the right of “Select Alert.”

ii. Select the Medication. 

NOTE: If you do not see the drug listed, select “Other drug Not Listed”

iii. In the notes area at the bottom, give more details of the drug. Ex. Name, dental side affects

iv. Sig – explain how they take the medication

v. Enter the quantity

d. Click Allergy

i. Click the double arrows to the right of “Select Alert.”

ii. Select the severity

iii. In the Notes section, explain what happens in the reaction

e. Click OK

f. Close the Window

NOTE: If the Medical Alert screen does not pop up automatically, you can click on the red cross icon for Medical Alert in the toolbar. The same works for the Patient Health Assessment (vitals signs). You can click on the heart rate monitor icon and add the vitals here.

7. Click the Patient Questionnaire icon (piece of paper with a big red checkmark)

a. Click Drop Down at the bottom next to Select Questionnaire

b. Click Medical History Summary & Update

c. Click New

d. To Answer the 5 Questions

i. Click Edit

ii. Click Next

e. Click Print

f. Click Send to Dentrix Document Center

g. OK

h. Then WAIT (do not close)

i. Change document type template to: Med History Summary/Update

ii. Make sure document type underneath template says Patient Information

i. Delete HIPPA from description and type patients name into description

j. Modify Attachment

i. Add Patient

ii. Add Provider/Staff – enter ID of Student Ex. 17LASTNAME

iii. Add Instructor *NOT THE DR – enter ID of Instructor Ex. INMERCER

iv. Close out

v. OK

8. Close out of all patient questionnaire windows (2 windows to close)

9. Click Document Center (Filing Cabinet icon)

a. Double click on patients name

b. Click on Patient Information folder

c. Right click on the medical summary link

d. Click on Sign document - The PATIENT signs

10. Medical History can be opened on another computer (presented to faculty AWAY from patient)

a. Click the Clinical Notes Icon

i. Review with faculty

ii. EXIT clinical notes

iii. Click on Document Center

iv. The faculty signs

b. By provider/staff icon (DR.BOB icon on the right)

i. Import PROVIDER (You AND Faculty)

ii. Right click link and sign

Dentrix Opening Video:


Dentrix - Using Dentrix

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