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Perceptive Content (Image Now) Login Profile Setup

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Perceptive Content- Creating the Connect Profile

Note: The first time you connect to the Perceptive content (ImageNow), you will have to set up a default connection profile. This saved profile process will only need to happen once; unless you get a new device or computer was reimaged.

From your computer, open Perceptive Content.

On the left next to Connection Profile, click the double arrows >>.

A pop out screen appears.

Click at the bottom of the pop out screen click Edit Connection profiles .

The Connection Profiles window will appear.

Verify there is a Default Profile listed under Profiles.

  • If a DefaultProfile is not already there click the Create button.

  • If a DefaultProfile is listed under Profiles, click the Modify button to review the settings.

Verify that your default profile has these settings:

  • Server
  • Server Type : Production
  • Port Number : 6000
  • Remember last successful user name

When finished, click the OK button.

On the Connection Profiles page, click the OK button.

Continue with the login using your MC3 user name and password.

Perceptive Content (Image Now) Login Profile Setup
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