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Read & Write Gold use Information

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Using Read & Write GoldText-to-Speech Software to Read Aloud to You

Read & Write Gold Text-to-Speech software: Installation & Instructions

Read & Write Gold is a text-to-speech program with other great features.

Text-to-speech (or TTS) allows your computer to read information on the screen out loud. This can be used for websites, most documents, email, and many e-texts. TTS can provide welcome relief for eyestrain and headaches, as well as audio reinforcement for traditional (visual) reading.

TTS can also assist with proofreading. When we attempt to proofread our own work, we tend to see what we thought we wrote rather than what is actually on the screen. We may miss how our writing sounds to the reader because we know what we meant to say. Listening to our writing using TTS helps to identify errors and missing words we might have missed with visual proofreading alone.

In addition to its text-to-speech capacity, Read & Write Gold has a number of tools to assist with notetaking while reading and writing tasks. You can find out more about the cool tools in Read & Write Gold in another Knowledge Base Article

Read and Write also has a reader for .epub books or documents. This format is becoming an increasingly popular format among textbook publishers. (The tutoriallink for using e-pub is at the bottom of this message.)


Install Read & Write Gold for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android

Or you can install an extension on the Chrome or Microsoft Edge web browser.

Read & Write Gold (R&WG) is a full-featured program we use at Montco. More than just text-to-speech; it is what is known as literacy software. In addition to reading text aloud, it has tools (and toolbars) to help you write and extract notes from your reading. As a Montco student, you have access to this program for free!

Directions for downloading R&WG:Installing Read and Write Gold Home use Software

Here are some resources for learning to use R&W Gold:

Desktop version:

For Windows:

For Mac:

Another good user guide:

Chrome extension for R&WG:

Microsoft Edge extension for R&WG:

Epub book reader:

Read & Write Gold use Information

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