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Dental Hygiene Students - Step 1: Creating your Portfolio

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Dental Hygiene Students - Step 1: Creating your Portfolio


As part of the Dental Hygiene Program requirements you are asked to create a digital portfolio. 

Your portfolio is to be created using Microsoft Office's tool called OneNote. OneNote is like a digital notebook where you can create sections and pages of content. Upload documents, images, video and more. 

Creating your portfolio is a 3-step process. The directions below will walk you through Step 1, Creating your Portfolio.


1. Login to Montco Connect (the portal)  
2. Navigate to the Quick Links drop down menu, select the Office 365 icon


Note: If you do not see this icon, navigate to




3. Click the OneNote icon.



4. In the upper left corner, click New. A drop down menu will appear. Select Blank Notebook



5. Give your Notebook the name your instructor has indicated, Dental Portfolio for + Your Name. For example, Nursing Portfolio for Jane Doe.  

Then click Create.


6. As required by your instructor and as indicated on you Portfolio Grading Rubric, you will need to provide content for 11 sections including adding content to a Welcome page.

To add content to these areas you will need to create Sections in your Notebook. 

7. In lower left corner of your Notebook, click the + Section icon.   

8. A pop-up window will appear. Enter the section name you wish to add. Click OK when you are finished.

You will need to do this for each Section that you are required to include.

The sections you are to include are as follows:

  • Resume and Cover Letter
  • Personal Philosophy of Dental Hygiene
  • Dental Hygiene Process of Care
  • Critical Thinking
  • Service Learning
  • Cultural Competency
  • Goal Statements
  • Professional Development/Life Long Learning
  • Additional Material
  • Final Self-Assessment
  • Grade Rubrics

9. Once you have added your Sections you can begin adding your content which is Step 2 of the portfolio process.   


Dental Hygiene Students - Step 1: Creating your Portfolio

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