Microsoft Teams (Office 365): Overview and Usage


Microsoft Teams (Office 365): Overview and Usage

Microsoft Teams is an application offered within the Office 365 Suite. Microsoft Teams is a place for individuals to collaborate via threaded chat or video/voice calls. Teams has the ability to pull documents and other information for viewing and discussing from other Microsoft applications. Teams can help reduce the number of emails being sent by capturing conversations and documents all in one location for easy viewing and collaboration.

Within a team, you can have a channel to further break out your projects or goals. For example, within the Team "Information Technology," you may have two channels: one for Academic Training and one for Information Security. Only members of these specific channels see the chats and files.

Suggested uses for employees:

Suggested uses for students:

General Resources:

Overview of Microsoft Teams

Team Creation and Management Resources:

Set up and customize your team

Collaborate in teams and channels

Differences between Standard, Shared and Private Channels

Working with posts and messages

Upload and find files in a Team

Chat and Communication Resources:

Start chat and calls

Chat Options

Sharing a file in a chat

Microsoft Loop

Manage activity feed

Meetings and Live Events Resources:

Scheduling a Meeting

Joining meetings

Using Video

Sharing Screens

Recording sessions

Advanced Features Resources:

Explore apps and tools

Mobile use of Teams Resources:

Installing Teams on Mobile

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