How to Request a Tuition Appeal


How to Request a Tuition Appeal

If you withdraw from a class, you are still obligated to pay for it. However, if your withdrawal reason is because of a life changing event with extreme extenuating circumstances, you may be eligible for a tuition appeal (less fees).

1. Log in toyour student portal

2. ClickMCCCunder Pages located at the left side

3.ClickStudent Tool Menu

4. Click Appeal Tuition underFinances

NOTE:It is important to read the appeal guidelines before submission. Have your documentation (e.g., medical note from a doctor, death certificate of a loved one, etc) ready for submission.

4. Read through the Tuition Appeal Guidelines

5. Complete the following information:

A. Semester

B. Courses

C. Requester Information

6. Attach the appropriate files

7. Type your name and Date

8. Click Submit

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