How to Manually Register a Student for a Test


How to Manually Register a Student for a Test


Sometimes, you might need to manually register a student for a test. Here are the instructions:


1. Log into Appointment Plus  

2. Navigate to the day you need to register for  
3. Use the plus button to create a registration  

4. Search for, or enter, the student's information  

Note: If the student has ever visited the "Student Exam Registration" form, they should be automatically created in this system. You can have them log into that form instead of manually entering their information.
5. Choose a test for the student

6. Review the details of the test, and click Finalize Appointment


7. The test will now be on the dashboard at the selected date and time

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Created: January 23, 2020
Last Updated: January 23, 2020
Author: Robert Vogel

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