Students - How to Redeem Vital Source Courseware Access Codes


Students - How to Redeem Vital Source Courseware Access Codes

This article will show you how to obtain access codes for digital content that your instructor may require you to have to in your course from the textbook publisher.

Vital Source is a company used by eCampus for obtaining digital content.

Note: If the access code does not work or is not visible, you may receive a physical card with the access code instead.

Step 1: You will need to log into yourVirtual Bookstore. Click the(My Account) button in upper right and SelectDigital Bookshelf.Once there, click the Order number for the item you wish to access. This is an image of the digital bookshelf, which shows a listing of current orders including the Order number,  item description, quantity, status, and price.
Step 2: Once you are on your Digital Bookshelf, selectAccess to the eText you wish to view. After clicking Access, you will be linked to Vital Source. This is an image of the item you clicked the order number for. More details for this item appear on the screen as well as the Access button at the bottom. step%202.pngstep%202.pngstep%202.png
Step 3: You will need to log into your Vital Source account to redeem your Access Code for your purchasedcourseware. You will need to create a Vital Source account if you have not already done so. This is an image of the log in screen for Vital Source. There are two text boxes. One for you to submit your email and another for you to enter your password. The Sign In button is located below the password textboxstep%202.png
Step 4: Once you are signed into your Vital Source account, your courseware will be located in your Vault in Vital Source. Please select the eBook you wish to view. This is an image of the Vault homepage within Vital Source. In the center are any texts/courseware you have access to
Step 5: You can view your purchased Access Code by clicking Here in the pop-up window located in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. This is an image of the text/courseware selected from the Vault. In the top right is a pop up message that provides a link to the access code by clicking the word "here".

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