Images - Acessibility


Images - Accessibility

For all Blackboard shells, as well as online courses, reasonable accommodations must be made to web content (not only face-to-face instruction) to maximize student accessibility in your course and comply with federal ADA requirements. 

Instructors bear the responsibility of ensuring subsequent changes to approved courses continue to meet these and other DEC and ADA standards. Contact IT and/or Disability Services for assistance.


Below are items you must check to ensure all Images in your course are accessible.

Ensure all images are clear. 

Ensure all images have alt texts/long descriptions attached to them.

If you are using images in a document or in Blackboard, you will need to ensure that all images have alt texts and descriptions. Below are directions on have to add alt texts and descriptions to Office 2016 files, Office 365 files, and Blackboard.






Avoid animated or blinking images, text, or cursor, which can cause seizures for some people.


Provide a description of the image in the questions or answer text if used in an assessment. 



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