Faculty - Student Group spaces within Teams


Faculty - Student Group Spaces within Teams

1. Open your Canvas and select Settings.

2. Select theIntegrationstab, enableMicrosoft Sync and then selectSync Now

3.Select Microsoft Teams classes and then select Sign In

Note: The Microsoft Teams classes option may not be on the navigation bar. In this case, you must go back to your Course Settings, go to the Navigation tab, and enable Microsoft Teams classes. Don't forget to Save after enabling!

4. Sign in using your @mc3.edu email address.

5.SelectOpen on the option named after your course.

6. SelectUse the web app instead.
Note: If a pop-up appears on your screen, you may hit Cancel.

7. The Team associated with your course should now appear. You can activate this team by selectingActivate at the top of Teams.

8. To start creating a group space for your students, select the... next to the name of your course. Then selectAdd Channel.

9.Name the group,Ensure the Privacy setting is set to Private, and then selectCreate.

10. Type in the names of the students for that group and select them as they appear. After selecting all the students in the group, pressAdd. Wait 15 seconds and then pressDone.

Note: You will need to repeat steps 8-10 for each group.

11. The group space has been created. You and that group's set of students are now able to enter this space by selecting the Channel with the group's name.

12. Within this Channel, students can interact with each other by selecting New Conversation in the bottom-left to start a Group Chat or by selecting Meet at the top-right.

Selecting Meet will bring that person into a video call that other members of the group may also enter. Within this space, students may interact over voice, collaborate with screen sharing or even record themselves providing a presentation.

Note: Any recordings made in the Meeting space will automatically be saved within the Channels chat section.

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Created: September 27, 2023
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