Accessing OneNote/Class Notebook on an iPad


Accessing OneNote/Class Notebook on an iPad

You can access OneNote on your iPad to review the Notebook files you created and to view the Notebook files that were created and shared with you.


1. Tap the OneNote app on your iPad  
2. When OneNote opens, click Sign in  
3. Enter your College Email Address, and click Next  
4. Type in your College password, and click Sign In  

5. Wait for your Notebooks to load

NOTE: When you sign in to OneNote for iPad, your notebooks on OneDrive sync with your device. If you don’t already have a notebook, one with your name is created for you.

6. If you receive a message to provide feedback regarding OneNote, you can click No Thanks.  
7. You are now ready to use your OneNote files  

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Created: June 14, 2017
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