Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security: Text Message/Phone Authentication


Enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Enhanced Security:

Text Message/Phone Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA is a process in which requires additional logins in order to view documents and access systems in a more secure setting. This can be used for viewing documents you may need for use from the College, such as tax forms, or programs used by the College, such as email.

This article will show you how to go through the steps to keep sensitive or private information safe. By going throughmulti-factor authentication you verify that "youre you" before you access this type of information.

Note: You will need to have access to a computer and your mobile device to complete these steps.

If you have previously set up Multi-Factor Authentication using Authenticator and now have a new device, please contact the IT Help Desk to update the registration.

Text Messaging/Phone Authentication

Step 1: Go to mc3.edu/mfa

1.From your computers web browser, go tohttps://mc3.edu/mfa.

2.Enter your College email address and password. Then selectSign In.

***If this is the first time you set up MFA and choose to set it up by text message or phone call, once you sign in it will say "we need somemore information."

Select ok/next. Then it will ask you to get the Authenticator App. Pause--on this screen look to the bottom left corner for "I want to set up a different method."

You can then select text message or phone call.

If you select text message, you will be texted a code that you will have to enter into the space on your computer. Or if you select phone call, you will receive a phone call.

Then you will have successfully set up MFA using text/phone call method.

3. From theSecurity infotab select Add method.

***If you already have MFA set up and would like to change your method of authentication, please skip the last part of step 2

4. A pop-up window will appear. Use the drop down menu in the pop-up window to select the Phone option.

Then select Add.

4. Enter your phone number on the lineprovided.

SelectText me a codeorCall me.

Then clickNext.

Note:If you select either of these options, please be sure you enter a phone number of a device that you can easily reach.

For example, you do not want to use your office phone number if you are trying to access College applications from home. This would require you to be by your office phone for authentication.

5. If you selected:Text me a code

  • A 6-digit code will be texted to you. Enter the 6-digit code on the screen on your computer.
  • ClickNextafter you have finished entering the code.
  • ClickDoneto finish enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication.

If you selected:Call me

  • An 855 number will call you asking you to verify your identity.
  • Once you have confirmed your phone number over the phone, you have finished enrolling in Multi-Factor Authentication.

7. You now have successfully enrolled in Multi-Factor Authentication via Text Message/Phone.

Please be aware: You will only be prompted to authenticate every 14 days.

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