Anatomage - Introduction to the Visibility Menu [Video]


Introduction to the Visibility Menu [Video]

The Visibility menu is a core component to the Anatomage Table 8 software that allows the user of the table to show, hide, highlight, and label certain systems, categories, and structures of each cadaver. To make best use of the software, it is an essential functionality to learn and practice.

This document contains a brief introduction, both written and recorded, to the visibility menu. In this example, we will remove all components and rebuild a view of only pieces of the skeletal and digestive system. Afterwards we will make some pieces transparent and highlight and label others using the A and Color Wheel.


For written documentation, Anatomage provides a downloadable PDF documentthatcontains information similar to this video.

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Created: May 14, 2021
Last Updated: June 6, 2023
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