Faculty - Blackboard Test Question Generator Tool


Faculty - Blackboard Test Question Generator Tool


The Blackboard Test Question Generator tool allows you to create and format a test in Microsoft Word and then convert it into a format that you can upload into Blackboard so you do not manually have to add your question types. 

Follow the directions provided from the website below. Video tutorials are also available. 

Note: You must build your Blackboard Test shell first. Once the Test shell is created, select "Upload Questions" to import your test question file. This is a Test Question Generator.


1. Navigate to the Blackboard Test Generator Tool and follow the directions for formatting your test in Microsoft Word.

Note: This is an external link.


2. Copy the content from your formatted test in Microsoft Word and navigate back to the Blackboard Test Question Generator Tool  and paste the text into the text box provided. 

3. Click the Generate button at the bottom of the text box.


4. Click the Download button at the bottom of the new text box that appears.

A .txt file will download to your computer's Downloads folder. You can also download and save the file to your computer. The file will automatically download with the name "My Blackboard Test."


5. Navigate to the course in Blackboard where you want to add the test questions.   

6. On the Course Navigation menu on the left, under Course Management select Course Tools.

Then select Tests, Surveys, and Pools.



7. Select Tests. Then click Build Test


8. Give the test a Name, Description, and Instructions and click Next.


9. Select Upload Questions and navigate to your Downloads folder to select the .txt file that you downloaded from the Blackboard Test Question Generator.


10. Select Browse and navigate to your Downloads folder or the area on your computer where you saved the downloaded .txt file from the Blackboard Test Question Generator site. 

11. Enter the number of points per question. Then click Submit. 

Note: By default, Blackboard makes all test questions worth 10 points. You can change this in the Upload Questions area or on the Test Canvas after you click Submit. 


12. Your questions will now populate in the Test Canvas. 

Note: You can change the points per question manually or in bulk by clicking the All link next to Select and entering the point value in the text box provided next to Points. When you are finished, select Update and the point value for all questions will be adjusted. 

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