Connecting Personal Devices To an MC3 Laptop


Connecting Personal Devices To an MC3 Laptop


Most MC3-issued laptops will have some or all of the ports described below for the purpose of connecting personal devices.

Common Windows laptop ports


Pictured below is a USB port:


This type of port is most commonly used to connect printers, external hard drives, USB flash drives, headphone/microphone combination headsets, and wired mouses or keyboards.


This is an HDMI port:

This type of port is used to connect an external computer monitor or an LCD television.


Pictured is an Ethernet port and cable:

This port is used to connect your laptop to an internet service provider's modem/router. This provides a wired connection to the internet and your home network (if you have one).


Finally, here is an example of a headphone port:

This port is used to connect headphones, external amplifiers and/or loudspeakers.


Common MacBook ports


An example of a each type of port on a MacBook:

The USB, HDMI, and headphone ports function the same on a MacBook as they do on Windows laptop. The thunderbolt ports are used to connect a variety of external devices, including but not limited to external monitors, hard drives, and Ethernet cables (using an adapter).


Rules of Thumb for Connecting Personal Devices to a laptop




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