Faculty - Adding the Qwickly Tool to your Course


Faculty - Adding the Qwickly Tool to your Course


The Qwickly Tool allows you to post Announcements, Send Emails, Post Content and more across multiple courses. This will help you from posting the same information in each individual course.

The article below will show you had to add the Qwickly tool to your course for use. 


1. Navigate to the course in Blackboard where you wish to add the Qwickly Tool.   

2. Click the + (plus sign) in the upper left corner of your Course Navigation Menu.

Then select Tool Link.


3. Give the tool a Name, such as "Qwickly Tool." Then, select Qwickly Tool from the drop-down menu provided.

Do not check the box next to Available to Users. 

Click Submit.


4. The Qwickly Tool has now been added to your course.   


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