Faculty - Modifying a Test or Quiz Options in Blackboard

Faculty - Modifying Test or Quiz Options in Blackboard


Test Options is where you go to edit the test or quiz settings. This includes adjusting the due date, the test availability, the number of attempts and more. This article will show you how to modify the test or quiz options. 


1. Locate your test or quiz and click the gray down arrow.

2. Click Edit the Test Options.
3. On Test Options page, set the desired options for the test, quiz, or survey.

  Note: If the quiz or test name needs to be changed, type the name of the test or quiz next to Name. In addition, if you desire to provide a description of the test for reference you can do so by typing in the Description textbox area.
4. Under the Content Link Description, determine if the test  will appear in a new window when the test is launched. The default is No.
5. Next to Make the Link Available, click the Yes radio button.

  Note: Make the link available and set the Display After and Display Until options. This way the test will become available on the dates you set.
6. If you want Add a new announcement for this test, click the Yes radio button.
7. If you want to provide the students with multiple attempts to take the quiz, click the checkbox next to Multiple Attempts and then indicate the number of attempts: either Allow Unlimited Attempts or type in the box next to the Number of Attempts.
  NoteIf you use Multiple attempts, you can determine which attempt to use for the student grade. Select either Last Graded Attempt, Highest Grade, Lowest Grade, First Graded Attempt, or Average of Graded Attempts.
8. Click the checkbox next to Force Completion if you want students to complete the test in one sitting.  
9. If the test is limited to a specific time, click the checkbox next to Set Timer and indicate the number of hours or minutes the student is allowed.  
  Note: Auto-Submit determines if the student will be allowed to finish the test after the time (OFF) or if the test will automatically be submitted for grading (ON).  
10. Using Display After and Display Until will let you set an availability date and time for the test.  
11. Determine if your test or quiz will need a password. If you use a password, then make sure you tell the students the password prior to them taking the test.  
12. Use Test Availability Exceptions to give specific students different test availability options.

  NoteTimer and force completion must be turned on to enable those settings for exceptions.
13. Due Date indicates when the test or quiz must be completed.

  Note: This Due Date will appear in the course calendar.
14. Click the checkbox for Do not allow students to start the Test if the due date has passed.  

The Self-Assessment Options let you determine if you want to include the test in the Grade Center calculations or if you want to hide the results completely.



For the Show Test Results and Test Feedback section determine what students will see after they complete a test; such as scores, answers, and feedback for each question.  
  1. Score: how many total correct out of total points possible.
  2. All Answers: the question answers
  3. Correct: What the correct answer is for that particular question.
  4. Submitted: What the student selected as the answer.
  5. Feedback: Shows instructor feedback to the student. This will only be effective if you provided feedback for each question when you were creating the test or quiz.
  6. Show Incorrect Questions: Marks questions answered incorrectly.

17. Under Test Presentation, determine how the test or quiz will be shown to the students:  
  1. All at Once will be a running list of every question on the test shown on one page
  2. One at a Time will be one question per page
  3. Determine if you want to randomize the questions to prevent memorizing the order of the questions and answers
18. When finished, click the Submit button. 

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