Students - How to Submit an Assignment through the Blackboard App


Submitting Assignments using the Blackboard App

  1. Open your Blackboard app on your mobile device. The Activity Stream displays. Tap the 3  lines at the top left of this screen.

    The Activity Stream screen on the Blackboard App. There is an arrow pointing to the 3 lines at the top left of the app that represents the menu.

  2. The main menu for the Blackboard App appears. Tap the Courses link.

    This is the main menu for the Blackboard App with an arrow pointing at the Courses selection.

  3. A list of your current courses display. Tap the course that you want to submit an assignment for. 

    Course selection screen

  4. A Blackboard App menu displays for the selected course. Tap Course Content.

    Course menu

  5. Now your course menu displays. Tap the link on the menu that contains the assignment link. In this example, the assignment is in Course Materials.

    This is the course menu for the course selected highlighting the Course Materials link on the menu.
  6. Now locate your assignment and tap it.

    This is the Course Materials section of the course in Blackboard that shows where the assignment link is.
  7. Read any of the instructions and then tap Start Attempt.

    This screen shows an example of an assignment that gives students 3 attempts and is worth 100 points.  There is a Start Attempt button at the bottom of this window.

  8. Tap Add Content and you will be prompted to either add text or add a file. 

    This screen allows you to add content, save for later or Submit.
  9. In this example we are adding a file so to do that, tap Add File.

    This screen has an Add Text, Add File and Cancel button.

  10. Navigate to where you want to select the file. You have the option of your Files, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. In this example Google Drive is selected. 

    Add file screen

  11. Tap on the name of the file that you want to submit.

    Google Drive screen with files listed.

  12. Tap on Submit. If you are not ready to submit your assignment, you can tap Save for Later.

    This screen allows you to tap Save for Later or Submit.

  13. You will be prompted to confirm your submission. Click Submit to continue or Cancel if you wish to select another file.

    This screen allows you to Cancel or Submit.

  14. You will receive a message that your attempt was submitted along with the day and time of the submission.  The submission status will be pending until after the instructor grades your assignment.

    This screen shows that your attempt was submitted and is pending.

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