Faculty - Copy Items Individually to Another Course in Blackboard


Faculty - Copy Items Individually to Another Course in Blackboard

Note: The ability to copy individual items from one section or course into another is possible through the copy feature in Blackboard.  This allows for reorganization of course content from one course to another and the ability to only upload content once and have it appear in several courses.  Copying of individual items will not work for tests, surveys, pools, assignments, and discussion boards.

1. Go into the course where the original content is stored.

2. Put your mouse over the item or single click on the item.
3. Next to the title, click the chevron (gray circle).
4. A drop down window will appear, select Copy.

5. A new window will appear, click the drop down menu next to Destination Course and select the course to copy content into. 

Note: Only courses that you are currently enrolled in as an instructor will appear from this drop down menu. If you want to copy the item into a different location in the same course, do not change the Destination Course.
6. Next to Destination Folder, click the Browse button.

7. From the list of folders in the other course, identify the location where the content will be copied into by clicking on the folder.  
8. When finished, click the Submit button.

Note: If an orange bar appears at the top of the page it indicates that the course copy was not successful. Items will need to be either recreated OR copied over through a course copy.  Typically a green banner will display Success.  However, if you see nothing, go into the other course to verify the file is not there and do steps 3-8 again. 

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