Faculty - Completing and Submitting your DERCA and MIE


Faculty - Completing and Submitting your DERCA and MIE


The All-College Distance Education Committee (DEC) has recommended that all faculty complete the self-assessment refresh process for their online courses every 3 years. 

The refresh process includes completing the Distance Education Rubric for Course Assessment (DERCA) and the Matrix for Instructional Engagement (MIE), tools designed by the DEC to support distance education best practices and to help meet MSCHE federal, and state compliance regulations. This process also supports our student success goals.

The refresh process is an excellent way for you to self-reflect and determine what is working in your course for your students and what may not be working. It's important to use this time to evaluate your course from the student perspective. 

The DERCA and MIE are available on the Faculty Clipboard which is accessible via Montco Connect. Both form are electronic. 

This article will show you how to access the forms, how to complete the forms, and how to submit the forms.


1. Log into Montco Connect.  

2. On the left navigation menu locate Tools.

Then select Quick Links





3. Select Faculty Clipboard.

Note: You may need to select Show more to view more options. 







4. A new tab will open and take you to the Faculty Clipboard which contains information specific to faculty. 








5. Select Educational Effectiveness.





6. Under the Course column you will find the links to the DERCA and MIE forms.

Select the link of the form you wish to complete. 



When completing the either form, be sure to fill in all text boxes and grids. 


If you wish to Save your work and come back to it, select the Save button in the upper left corner of the form. 


If you wish to Print what you have completed, select the Print button in the upper left corner of the form. 


If you are ready to Submit , select the Submit button located at the bottom of the form. Only Submit when you have finished completing your form. 


Note: You will need to submit a for each course that needs to be refreshed.



6. You will be taken to a submission confirmation page as well as receive an email once your have successfully submitted your DERCA and MIE forms. 


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