Faculty - Accessing and Viewing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Reports


Faculty - Accessing and Viewing Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Reports


After you have run a session using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, you can go into your settings and obtain a session report. The report will show you who attended, how long they attended the session, and more. 

This article will show you how to access and view Blackboard Collaborate Ultra reports.


1. Navigate to your Blackboard Collaborate Ultra space.  




2. Click the three dots or the More Options button next to the session in which you want to view the reports.

Then click View Reports.





3. The most recent reports for that session will appear below. You will see a snapshot of the time the session started, when the session ended, the attendees, and the duration. 

Click the View Report icon to the far right of the session details. 


4. You will now see the session report. On this page your will see the session details, the average time users spent in the session and the attendees. 

Under Tools you can select to Print or Export the report. 


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