Faculty - Adding a TechSmith Recording in Blackboard



Faculty - Adding a TechSmith Recording in Blackboard


1. Navigate to the appropriate course in Blackboard  

2. Go into the area in the course where you want to add the link. Click the Tools tab in the top left corner of your screen.

Then click TechSmith Knowmia (**formerly known as Relay)



Tools > Techsmith Relay


3. Give the video a name.

Optional: you may also provide a description, add attachments, enable evaluation (gradebook column), tracking, and date restrictions on this screen



Video Name field


4. Click Submit

Note: Please be aware that once you click Submit you have only created the placeholder link to the video. 


5. Click the link you created in Step 3 to connect your video to the link. 


Select the link


6. You will be directed to your TechSmith Knowmia Library. 

Note: You may be prompted to Launch the LTI tool.

Launch LTI

7. Locate the video from your TechSmith Knowmia Library and select the Add Media Button to connect the video to the link you created in Blackboard. 

The video you selected will open in the window you are currently on. 

When you click the link in Blackboard again, it will take you directly to the TechSmith video you selected.

 Add Media

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