Faculty - Create a Single Group in Blackboard


Faculty - Create a Single Group in Blackboard


You have the ability to create Groups in Blackboard where you can create a Single Group or a Group Set. Additionally, you can manually or randomly assign students to a group or you can have students self-enroll. The Groups feature in Blackboard allows you to give students access to their own space where they can use a number of different tools in Blackboard in one space. Only the instructor and the members of the group can access this space. Tools that you add or do not add to the Group space only impacts the Group not the tools and materials you have already added to your course as a whole.


 Tools that can be made available to a Group include the following:


  • Blogs: Users within the Group will have access to their own Blog where they can post and add comments.
  • Discussion Board: Users within the Group will have access to their own Discussion Board where they can create and manage their own Forums.
  • Email: Users within the Group can email individual members in their Group or the entire Group.
  • File Exchange: Users within the Group and the Instructor can upload files to the Group space and organize them through the creation of folders.
  • Journals: Users within the Group will have access to a private Journal that allows private communication between the Instructor and the User.
  • Tasks: Users within the Group can create Tasks that are distributed to all Group members.
  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: Users within the Group will have access to their own Blackboard Collaborate Ultra space where they can meet virtually. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra allows students to connect via video/audio.
  • Content Market Tools: Users can have access to external content such as publisher content. Note: This can be difficult to use within the group space.
  • Wikis: Users within the Group can create a Wiki to collaboratively work on projects/assessments.



The following article will walk you through how to create a group in Blackboard. 


1. On the Control Panel, click the Users and Groups button.



2. Under Users and Groups, select Groups.
3. On the Action Bar, click the Create Single Group button.

4. From the drop down menu, select Self-Enroll or Manual Enroll.
  1. Self-Enroll allows the students themselves to become members of groups by using a signup sheet that Instructors create for each course group.
  2. Manual Enroll involves the instructor selecting each member one at a time from a list of all the students in the course.
5. On the Group Information page, type a Name for the group and optional Description.

6. Next to Group is visible to students, select either the Yes radio button or select the No radio button.



7. Under Tool Availability, click the box to remove the tools you do not want students to have access too in their Group.

By default, all tools are selected. 





8. Under Module Personalization Settings, determine if you want students to have the ability to personalize their Group page.

By default Allow Personalization is selected. Click the box to remove this option.  

9. Under Membership, click Add Members.


10. A pop-up window will appear where you can search and add students associated with your class.


To add yourself, the instructor, to the Group, check the box next to Show all users regardless of role. 





10. When finished, click the Submit button.

Note: A link to the student's Group site will appear for the student in the Course Navigation Menu.



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