Faculty - Grading the Discussion Board


Faculty - Grading the Discussion Board

The steps below will show you how to grade your discussion forums directly through the Discussion Board link.

  1. Click on the Discussion Board link on the course menu.
  2. Click on the name of the Discussion Board forum that you want to grade.
  3. Click on the Grade Discussion Forum button.

    Grade Discussion Forum page

  4. Click on the Grade button to the right of the student that you want to grade.

    student grading page

  5. The student's post will appear on this page. After you read through the student's posts, enter the grade in the space provided. 

    Grade field entry

  6. Type feedback in the space provided if desired.

    Feedback to learner space

  7. Click Submit. The grade will automatically populate in the Grade Center.

    Submit button



 Closed captioned: https://stream.mc3.edu/lecture/Grade_DB_-_20190516_123220_26.html


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