Faculty - Flipgrid: Adding Flipgrid Topics to your Blackboard Course


Faculty - Flipgrid: Adding your Flipgrid Topic to your Blackboard Course

The directions below will walk you through how to add a link to your Flipgrid Topic in your Blackboard course so that students may participate in your video discussion Topics. 


1. Navigate and login to your Flipgrid Educator account.   

2. Click the Groups tab.

Then click on the Group that has the Topic you want to share in your course. 



3. Click the Share button. 



4. Click Copy.

Note: You will know you have successfully copied the link when the word "Copied" replaces "Copy."




5. Navigate to the course in Blackboard where you want to share your Flipgrid Topic. 




6. Enter your course and navigate to the area of the course where you want to share your Flipgrid link. 




7. Select the Build Content tab and then click Web Link




8. Give the Web Link a Name and paste the Flipgrid Topic link you copied into the textbox next to URL





9. Be sure to provide clear directions on your expectations for the Flipgrid video discussion in the Description textbox in Blackobard. The following directions from Flipgrid's site may help your students get started: 

Students - Record a Video Response in Flipgrid


10. Click  when you are finished. 



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