Reserve a ride on the campus shuttle


How to Reserve a Seat on the Campus Shuttle

1. Log into the Montco Portal


2. Click on Life At Montco  

3. From the menu, click Campus Shuttle



4. The schedule for the semester among the campuses is displayed. Click on "Reserve Your Ride" on the left side.

Note: This link only becomes available a few weeks prior to the start of the fall and spring semesters. The shuttle does NOT run in the summer. 

5. To reserve your rides, change the highlighted drop downs to choose the correct route, day and time of pickup. Then click the checkbox next to the date(s) the shuttle is desired. After all selections have been made on the displayed page, click Save. 


6. A confirmation will display on the page and you will also receive a confirmation email. Clicking Finish will display your reservations.   
7. From the "My Reservations" page, you can view all of your reserved routes. You can also choose to Cancel the ride. You will also receive an email confirmation upon cancellation. 

8. To reserve additional rides on other days of the week, click on "Shuttle Home" on the left and repeat steps 4 and 5 as necessary. 


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