Testing Prep Computer Loan Rules and Agreement


Testing Prep Computer Loan Rules and Agreement

Students may borrow notebook computers at the MCCC Libraries for testing preparation use in designated testing preparation areas and according to the following provisions:


Loan Period and Availability

Student Liability


Damaged, lost, or defective computers must be reported to the MCCC Libraries immediately.  Do not, under any circumstances, leave the computer unattended.  The student is responsible for all damage, loss, and theft.

If a computer is not returned to the MCCC Libraries by the end of the day, attempts will be made to contact the student to have them return the computer.  If attempts to have the student return the computer fail, a police report will be filed.  The police will use tracking software installed on the computer to locate it.  Failure to return the computer may result in the student being in violation of the criminal code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and Montgomery County Community College may seek criminal prosecution.

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