Faculty - Reset a Test: Clear Attempt


Faculty - Reset a Test: Clear Attempt


There are times where students may encounter technical difficulties which require a test to be reset. The directions below will show you how to reset a test so that a student may take the test again from the beginning. 

Note: Clearing an attempt erases everything the student submitted prior. For example, if a student answered a few questions of a test and submitted it in error, clearing an attempt will erase all previous answer submissions to all the student to start from scratch.


1. Go into the course where the test needs to be reset. Then go to the Grade Center. Then Full Grade Center.


Full Grade Center



2. Locate the column for the test you want to reset. Put your mouse over the score showing for the exam and click the gray down arrow. 


Note: Depending on how your test is setup, you will see either a score or a Needs Grading Yellow exclamation point

 Grade Center pop up window


3. A pop-up window will appear. Click View Grade Details.



View Grade Details



4. Locate and click the Clear Attempt icon. 


Clear Attempt



5. A pop-up window will appear warning you that what you are about to do cannot be undone. Click OK to continue.


Note: This message may look different depending upon the browser you are using. This example is in Google Chrome. 

 Action Cannot be undone pop-up window
6. A bar will appear at the top letting you know this action was successful. 


Attempt Cleared successfully window


7. When you navigate back to the Full Grade Center, the student's grade for that exam or grade notification no longer appears. 


Cleared Attempt




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