Faculty - Test Proctoring Request Form


Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form


In the Faculty and Staff Starfish Portal access the Faculty Test Proctoring Request Form:




Permitted Materials: In the "Testing Materials Section," you can specify materials from a drop-down list which includes notes, computer, books, calculator and custom materials allowed. The testing center will only allow what is listed on the form, so if you intend for a student to be able to use a calculator, you must specify materials.

Extra Time Accommodations: If you are submitting a proctor form for a student with the accommodation of extra time, it is helpful to indicate total time allowed in the “Time Allowed for Exam” section. IE if the normal testing time is 1 hour but your student with accommodations gets twice as long, select 2 hours in this section. You can specify custom time length in “Other Exam Length.”

Specify Dates: Please be sure any dates related to the exam are indicated in the "Testing Dates Section." You must specify either a specific date or a date range for all exams.

Exam Formats: If you select "Paper" in the "Exam Format Section" you must attach a file in order to submit the request. If you intend to hand-deliver your test, you should select "Other" and specify that you will deliver the test on [Date/Time]. 

If your test is a mix of computer and paper, select "Paper" in the "Exam Format Section." You can include a comment in this section to indicate there is also a computer part of the test and any passwords or additional information. Selecting "Paper" in exam format is the only way to attach files.

Changes to an Active Request: If you have an active proctor request, you do not need to submit a new request when providing additional materials or extending an exam period. Materials and extension requests can be submitted directly to westcentraltesting@mc3.edu. Please note extensions should be requested before close of business on the last day of the original exam deadline – before the testing centers dispose/return tests.






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