Writing Notes in OneNote on an iPad


Writing Notes in OneNote on an iPad

OneNote is organized into Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. Within each Notebook, you can have several different Sections, then in each Section you can have several Pages. Some sections may be read-only and other sections will allow you to create pages and write notes.


1. Tap the OneNote app on your iPad  

2. OneNote opens to where you were when you closed the app.

NOTE: If you are not on the Notebook you want, tap the arrow to the left of the Notebook name


3. Tap the Notebook you want to open

4. Tap the section

5. Tap the page where you want to add your notes.

NOTE: in the image at the right, you will see that the section called "Welcome" is read-only.

You would need to select a different section to add notes. 

6. Tap +Section if you want to add a new section to the Notebook

7. Tap +Page if you want to add a new page to this section of the Notebook.

8. Tap anywhere on the screen in the page and use the on screen keyboard to type your message


9. The information you add to the page is saved automatically. The OneNote app doesn’t have a Save button. Instead, OneNote will automatically save your information to OneNote Online.

NOTE: You may see "Syncing" at the top of the OneNote Notebook next to the Notebook name. When the Notebook is syncing, it is saving the information to OneNote Online.


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