Creating Content in Class Notebook - Online Version


Creating Content in Class Notebook - Online Version


Creating content in Class Notebook is very easy. You can add sections, pages, images, files, and more. Adding content is similar in the online and desktop version.


1. Login to the portal and navigate to the Quick Links, click the Office 365 icon.


2. You will now see the Office 365 dashboard. Click OneNote.



3. Click the Class Notebook tab. Then click the Class Notebook where you want to create content.


4. There are a number of options for adding content. 

  1. Click anywhere on a page to begin typing and adding content.
  2. Use the tabs at the top of the notebook to Insert, items or Draw items on the notebook. 
  3. Insert tables, pictures, files, attachments, links, recordings, and more. Use the Draw tab to draw or highlight on the page using your mouse or finger (if using a tablet).
  4. Add more pages.
  5. Add more sections.

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