Inserting Files in Class Notebook - Desktop Version


Inserting Files in Class Notebook - Desktop Version


Files such as PDF's, Word documents, and spreadsheets can be inserted directly into a notebook page in Class Notebook. It is important to note that the more files you have on a page the longer it will take to distribute the pages to students' individual notebooks. Inserting files in the online version follows the same steps listed below.


1. Open OneNote on your computer. 




2. OneNote automatically opens to the last notebook you were in. Make sure you are in the correct notebook by looking at the title in the upper left corner. Click the small arrow next to the notebook name to select a different notebook. 


OneNote notebook list


3. Locate and click the Insert tab. Under the Files toolbar you will find your File insert options: 

File Printout - Embeds the file directly on the notebook page.

File Attachment - Provides a link to the file so students can download the file.

Spreadsheet - Insert an existing or new table directly on the page.




File insert tab options







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