Managing Class Notebook Settings - Online Version


Managing Class Notebook Settings - Online Version

Class Notebook settings can be managed through Class Notebook in Office 365. Class Notebook settings allow you to change the names of student spaces, create a Teacher-Only space, turn off the Collaboration space, and more.


1. Login to the portal and in the Quick Links click the Office 365 icon.



2. You will now see the Office 365 dashboard. Click Class Notebook.






3. The Class Notebook dashboard will appear. Click Manage Notebooks.


Manage Notebooks icon from the Class Notebook dashboard








4. The Manage Notebooks dashboard will appear. You can adjust the following settings for each of your Class Notebooks:

Student Sections - Edit the names of student sections or add more sections.

Enable Teacher-Only Section Group - Click the link o create a space that can only be accessed and edited by Teachers.

Lock Collaboration Space - Locking the Collaboration Space only lets students view content not edit or add content. You can toggle between the switch at any time.

Collaboration Space Permissions - Give Collaboration Space access to specific students.

Parent and Guardian Links - Create and manage links for parents and/or guardians. This could be used for Guests looking to view the Class Notebook. The Parent and Guardian links do not allow users to edit content in the notebook.



 Manage Notebooks dashboard

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