Accessing LinkedIn Learning via Montco Connect


Accessing LinkedIn Learning via Montco Connect

The first time you access LinkedIn Learning, you will have to enter your Montco login credentials.

  1. Log into Montco Connect.

  2. Click on Resources on the left-hand navigation of Connect to expand the list of resources and then scroll down until you see LinkedIn Learning and click on it.

    Resources link and LinkedIn Learning link

  3. If this is the first time that you are accessing LinkedIn Learning from the portal, you will be prompted to login.

  4. Login in with your college email address and password.

LinkedIn Learning login page email address field  LinkedIn Learning login page with password field

Once you connect to LinkedIn Learning, you will be able to select what you would like to learn or what you would like to share with your students to supplement their learning. You can also search LinkedIn Learning based on a topic of interest.

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