Students - Getting Started in Google Sites and Drive - Step 3


Nursing Students - Getting Started in Google Sites and Drive - Step 3

You will locate your Nursing Portfolio through your College email account. You will be using Google Sites for your portfolio and Google Drive for your portfolio documents.

Google Sites is a structured Web page-creation tool offered by Google. Google Drive is a location where content is stored, similar to a filing cabinet, with the ability to create, upload, share, and collaborate with others.


STEP 1: Accessing Google and Adding Documents to Google Drive

STEP 2: Changing Sharing Permissions on your Folder in Google Drive

STEP 3: Editing your Portfolio to Insert Documents Directly into the Page


STEP 3: Editing your Portfolio to Insert Documents Directly into the Page  

1. Click the nine squares at the top right corner of the window

2. Click Sites


3. Click on the name of your portfolio

4. Click on the tab you want to edit   

5. Click the Edit page button at the top right

6. Click the Insert menu at the top 


7. From the menu, click Drive 

8. Then click Document


9. Locate and select the file that will be added to your portfolio

10. Click Select


11. Make adjustments to the Height

NOTE: Adjust the height based upon the number of printed pages and give 1100 pixels per page.


  • 1100 x 1 page = 1100 pixels
  • 1100 x 2 pages = 2200 pixels
  • 1100 x 3 pages = 3300 pixels
12. When finished, click Save  
13. To save and view your edited page, click Save at the top right  

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