Nursing Students - Getting Started in Google Sites and Drive - Step 3


Nursing Students - Getting Started in Google Sites and Drive - Step 3

You will locate your Nursing Portfolio through your College email account. You will be using Google Sites for your portfolio and Google Drive for your portfolio documents.

Google Sites is a structured Web page-creation tool offered by Google. Google Drive is a location where content is stored, similar to a filing cabinet, with the ability to create, upload, share, and collaborate with others.

The directions below will show you how to add documents to your portfolio site.


STEP 1: Accessing Google and Adding Documents to Google Drive

STEP 2: Changing Sharing Permissions on your Folder in Google Drive

STEP 3: Creating your Portfolio Site and Adding Documents

STEP 4: Sharing your Portfolio Site



STEP 3: Creating your Portfolio Site and Adding Documents 


1. Go to the College website at



2. Login to the portal using your College username and password. 



3. Click the Quick Links tab in the upper left corner. Then click Email. 



4. On your email page, click the 9 squares in the upper right corner located next to your email address. Then click Sites.

Note: If you do not see Sites, click More.












3. Click Create in the upper left corner. 


Create button in upper left corner in Google Sites





4. Click in Classic Sites.



Classic Sites




5. You will now need to apply the Nursing Portfolio template. Under Select a template to use, click Browse the gallery for more.



Browse the Gallery for More




6. Click Nursing Portfolio. Then click Select.



Nursing Portfolio template






Select button in Google Sites

7. Make sure the Nursing Portfolio template is highlighted in red. This lets you know that this template has been selected. 

Under Name Your Site type Nursing Portfolio for + Your Name (i.e. Nursing Portfolio for John Smith).





Nursing Portfolio for Name





8. Click Create







9. You will now see your Portfolio site. Click the page where you want to add documents. 







10. Click the Edit icon that looks like a pencil in the upper right corner. 








11. To add your document, click the Insert tab in the upper left corner. 








12. Click Drive. Then click Document




Adding documents from Drive




13. Click on the document you want to add. Then click Select.



Click the document you want then click select





14. You will want to adjust the Height of the document based on the number of pages of your document. Leave the Width blank.

Each page should be 1100 pixels.


1100 x 1 page = 1100 pixels

1100 x 2 = 2200 pixels

1100 x 3 = 3300 pixels


When you are finished, click Save.

 Adjust height and click Sav

15. When you are finished adding documents to the page in your portfolio site, click Save again in the upper right corner. 

Save button in Google Sites

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