Students - How do I schedule a Starfish appointment?


Starfish Success Network - Scheduling Appointments

Please Note: If you area newly registered student and your courses have not started yet , you will not be able to schedule appointments through Starfish. Please contact advising:

Advising-Central Advising-West
College Hall South Hall
(215) 641-6577 (610) 718-1906

1. Go to andclick Log In > Montco Connect

2. Once you have logged onto the portal, click the Success Network icon located in the Quick Links drop down menu.

3. Once in Starfish , click on the arrow next to the person you need to schedule the appointment with, then click Schedule .

* You should see the list of your advisor and instructors, if not use the search box.

4. Click the arrowon the right to choose what you need help with ( Advising - New Student ).

* For instructors, you should see " Teaching " as an option

5. Choose the option you need, then hit continue


6.Then choose the date and time that works for you then hit continue

7.Click Confirm to set the appointment. You will get an email with the appointment details and the appointment will be listed on your Dashboard.

Below is a video that shows you how to schedule an appointment with your advisor.

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