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How do I create the profile seen by my students?


Faculty and staff can create and customize a profile that their students will see when they access the faculty or staff member’s calendar. Your profile can include contact information, a photo, and other information students should know about you.

 To create your profile:

1. Click on the Profile tab in the Starfish navigation menu.
2. Contact Information:Your username and institution email are pre-populated by Starfish from the learning management system (Blackboard), and cannot be edited in Starfish. Other fields, such as phone number, are pre-populated from the LMS if the data exists in the LMS, but they can be edited in Starfish. NOTE: The phone number text boxes will accept standard phone numbers; both US and international. You can use any standard phone number characters (like “—“, “(“and “.”).
3. Timezone: The time zone field will by default be the time zone associated with your institution, but you can change it if you are working in a different time zone. Make sure this is accurate! If it is not, students will not see the right times when they try to make appointments with you.
4. Profile Photo: Your photo will be automatically uploaded from our ID card system into Starfish.  Uploading a photo puts a face to your name and makes students feel more comfortable making an appointment with you.
5. Overview and Biography: It is a good idea to add a general description of what help you can offer students, your office hours and directions to your office. 
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