Students - Taking a Test with Respondus LockDown Browser


Students - Taking a Test with Respondus LockDown Browser

This article will walk you through how to take a test in Canvas with Respondus LockDown Browser. You will know if you test requires Respondus LockDown Browser if the words "Requires Respondus LockDown Browser" are after the name of the test. You will need to install Respondus LockDown Browser on your computer in order to take your test. For directions on how to install LockDown Browser, follow the instructions at

Note: You are unable to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser on a Chromebook. Please contact your instructor if this applies to you.

1. Before opening Respondus LockDown Browser, close out of all programs you may have open on your computer.

You must close out of everything before opening LockDown Browser.

2. Open LockDown Browser.

3. You will be asked to choose a server. Choose Montco Canvas from the dropdown menu and click OK.
4. Sign in to Canvas using your Montco credentials and navigate to the test in your Canvas course.

5. ClickTake the Test.

If your instructor requires a test password, Canvas will ask for an "Access Code". Enter the access code and click Submit.

Note:If the instructor does not require a password, you will not see this box.

6. When you are finished your test, click Submit Test.
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