Entering Midterm Grades


Entering Midterm Grades

This article will teach you how to enter midterm grades/progress. Midterm grades/progress should be entered in Starfish or My Success Network. You will receive an email notification when it is time for you to enter midterm grades.

Note: Please be sure to review your midterm grades before you submit them. Midterm grades/progress can either be fixed by you (Faculty - Fixing a Mistake on Midterm Submission in Starfish)or by emailing midterm@mc3.edu.

1. Click the link contained within the Midterm Grades notification email or login to Montco Connect(the portal).
2. Enter your College username and password if prompted.
3. Click the 3 lines in the upper left corner. Then clickHome.

4. Select the appropriate class section link under Outstanding Progress Surveys located at the top of the screen.

5. Review the list of students in the selected course.

6. Select the status only if students are working above and beyond or struggling academically in your course.

If students are performing satisfactorily, make no selection and submit the report.

Status options include:

  • S - Exemplary Work at Midterm
  • S - Faculty Noted Outstanding Performance (comments are required and are sent directly to the student)
  • U - Midterm Unsatisfactoryin danger of failing for academic reasons
  • U - Midterm Unsatisfactoryin danger of failing for attendance reasons
  • U - Midterm Unsatisfactoryin danger of failing for not meeting course expectations
  • U - Midterm Unsatisfactorystudent is no longer attending
  • U - Midterm Unsatisfactory student cannot pass the course mathematically

Note: You must select one status for each student in the course.

Feedback can be added to each status option. Feedback isseen by the student and the advisor.

7. Review the status you selected for each student before you click submit.

Note: If you have made a mistake on your submission, you can either fix the issue yourself (Faculty - Fixing a Mistake on Midterm Submission in Starfish) or email midterm@mc3.edu.

8. Click Submit when you are satisfied.

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