Starfish Early Alerts


Starfish Early Alerts

 The following article will show you how to add early alerts to students in Starfish. 


1. Click the 3 lines in the upper left corner.


2. From the pop-up menu click Students.




3. You can search for a student two ways
  1. By Name
  2. By the Connection (course) that you have with the student

3. Click the box next to the student in which you want to add a flag.

Then click Flag.


4. Select the following;
  • Flag: The type of flag that you would like to raise
  • Course Context: The class that you are raising the flag for
  • Comment: Add any comments you would like to this flag. Please be aware that the students will be able to see these comments
  • Permissions: This will show you who has permissions to view the flag that you raised
  • Never Mind: Closes the alert and does not send the alert to the student.
  • Save: Notifies the student and those with permission to view the alert and saves to the student's record. 

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