SEP Test Scores and Unofficial Transcripts


Search and Register Student Self-Service Portal

  1. From the Student Planning tab, you have access to any of the following which apply to you:

  2. Click on any of the tabs at the top
  • Student Finance Make a payment plan, Account Activity, Pay for Registration, Registration Activity
  • Student Planning Create an academic plan, browse courses, see your plan and schedule, see academic requirements for a course, etc.
  • Financial Aid (only if applicable)
  • Employee (Only is applicable)
  • Graduation OverviewApply for graduation

Note:You may also find these options in the menu on the left side of the screen from any section of the Self-Service portal

Student Educational Planning Test Scores

You may access your test scores byclickingthe Student Planning button, as depicted above, and choosingTest Summary from theAcademicsdrop-down

The Test Scores tab shows placement tests that the student has taken and details of the test. Details include:

    1. Test Name
    2. Date Taken
    3. Score
    4. Status

Unofficial Transcript

You may access your Unofficial Transcriptbyclickingthe Student Planning button, as depicted above, and choosing Unofficial Transcriptfrom theAcademicsdrop-down

Note: To obtain the official transcript, visit the Colleges registrars office.

You can click on the transcript you would like to download, or right click and choose "Save linkas" to choose a location to save.


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