Faculty - Macmillan LaunchPad Support


Faculty - Macmillan LaunchPad Support

Most publishers provide technical support for using their products in conjunction with Macmillan. The knowledge base at the College is a good place to start to help point you in the right direction so you know exactly where to look and who to call for technical support through your publisher.

This article will direct you to articles provided by Macmillan technical support.

Steps for Using Macmillan LaunchPad in Canvas

1. Create a Master course in LaunchPad.
2. Create Branches for your different course sections.
3. Create/Add content in Master course.
4. When finished building in LaunchPad, connect in Canvas

Macmillan LaunchPad Documentation

Create/Activate a Course

Create a New Course

Create Course Branches

Activate LaunchPad

Create and Manage Assignments in LaunchPad

Create Assignments

Create a Quiz

Create a Video Assessment

Linking Macmillan Courses to Blackboard

Linking a Macmillan Course to Canvas

Deploy Macmillan Content to Canvas

Deploy Macmillan Content to Canvas

Copying a course with Macmillan Content

Copying a course with Macmillan Content

Macmillan Knowledge Base

Macmillan Knowledge Base

Technical support is available by phone with Macmillan at 800-936-6899.

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