Faculty - How to bulk delete your source course


Faculty - How to bulk delete your source course

This feature enables you to erase all content within your source course. This option is beneficial when the content in your source course becomes outdated, and you intend to replace it with the most recent course materials. Additionally, it may be useful if you inadvertently copied the wrong course into your source course.

Please be aware that this functionality is exclusive to your source courses and cannot be applied to your live teaching shells. Once this action is executed, it is irreversible, so exercise caution before proceeding.


  1. Navigate to your source course.
  2. On your course menu, scroll and select Settings.
  3. On the right, choose Reset Course Content.
  4. Read the information in the pop-up box.
  5. When ready, select Reset Course Content.
  6. This completes the process.
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