How to Withdraw from Classes


How to Withdraw from Classes

Please note that you cannot withdraw through Webadvisor or Student Self-Service/Planning. We strongly encourage
you to speak to an academic advisor before requesting a withdrawal, as this may have consequences for your current
and future student success:
  • Your current and future financial aid awards may be affected by withdrawing from courses.
  • Withdrawing from courses does not remove any financial obligation you have to the College. You may still be
  • responsible for tuition and fees incurred.
  • Your official transcript will reflect a withdrawal from a course.


1. Log in to Montco Connect

2. Navigate to the Student Tool Menu, and locate the Registration section.

3. Click Withdraw from Classes

4. Select the Appropriate Link:  
A. Up to 60% of the class session, you do not need your instructor’s permission. Some professors will not allow you to withdraw after this date  
B. Between 60-75% of the class session, you will need your instructor’s permission. Please check your course syllabus and/or ask your professor if he or she grants permission during this time
7.  Once we reach 75% of the class session, you will only be permitted to withdraw with approval from the Provost’s office. This withdrawal is an excused withdrawal (WEX) and is only granted in cases of catastrophic life events. Please note that you can request a WEX at any point throughout the semester if you meet the qualification. To request a WEX, please complete the Excused Withdrawal Form  
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